A recreational area of varied natural landscape and wildlife.

Join the Friends of Hell Wath

Five Trustees have legal responsibility for taking decisions and managing the affairs of the charity. We believe those Trustees should be accountable to a wider group of local people with an interest in Hell Wath and a commitment to helping the Friends of Hell Wath. This is achieved by having members with voting rights.

Voting members have rights and obligations as set out in the charity constitution and our Members Code of Conduct.

Voting members are responsible for electing the Trustees of the charity and have the right to ask Trustees to call General Meetings at any time, in accordance with the constitution. In this way members hold the Trustees to account.

Membership also provides the opportunity for individuals to actively engage in planning work to be undertaken on Hell Wath by taking part in Members Activity Group meetings.

We ask members to contribute £5 for annual membership of the Friends of Hell Wath. The monies raised from membership are used by the Trustees to further the aims of the charity. Membership is open to all, but you do not have to be a member to volunteer to help the Friends of Hell Wath or take part in many of the activities organised on Hell Wath (Note: some activities may be ‘members only).

If you would like to be become a member of the Friends of Hell Wath please complete a membership form and email it to the Secretary or post it to: The Secretary of the Friends of Hell Wath, Ripon Community House, Allhallowgate, Ripon, HG4 1LE

Download our Membership Form