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Moth Trapping News

16.06.2023 | Latest News

There are many beautiful moths that go unnoticed and unappreciated because they are nocturnal creatures.

FOHW were given an insight into the range of size and colour of moths that frequent Hell Wath (and your gardens) in the hours of darkness.

One big moth !

Several moth traps were set up on Hell Wath and nearby gardens on the 26th May as part of the Yorkshire Naturalists Union mini-bioblitz event. Thanks to everyone who kindly hosted a moth trap and the experts who came along to identify the moths  (which were all safely returned to Hell Wath !)

Below is a list of the moths found in one garden trap adjacent to Hell Wath. A full list of the moths will be posted when available. It really is worth looking some of them up to wonder at these lovely creatures of the night.

49.039  Light Brown Apple Moth (Epiphyas postvittana)  1
62.001  Bee Moth (Aphomia sociella)  2
63.025  Small Magpie (Anania hortulata)  1
70.054  Silver-ground Carpet (Xanthorhoe montanata)  1
70.100  Green Carpet (Colostygia pectinataria)  2
70.103  Water Carpet (Lampropteryx suffumata)  1
70.183  Common Pug (Eupithecia vulgata)  5
70.184  Mottled Pug (Eupithecia exiguata)  3
70.224  Scorched Wing (Plagodis dolabraria)  1
70.277  Common White Wave (Cabera pusaria)  1
72.020  White Ermine (Spilosoma lubricipeda)  1
73.101  Treble Lines (Charanyca trigrammica)  2
73.158  Rustic Shoulder-knot (Apamea sordens)  10
73.176  Middle-barred Minor (Oligia fasciuncula)  1
73.329  Flame Shoulder (Ochropleura plecta)  1
73.333  Ingrailed Clay (Diarsia mendica)  1
73.334  Small Square-spot (Diarsia rubi)  1