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Successful Tree & Hedge Planting

15.12.2023 | Latest News

A BIG THANK YOU to our FOHW and Open Country volunteers whose efforts have resulted in three new hedgerow habitats being planted on Hell Wath. All the hedgerow saplings are native species, selected to provide seasonal flowers, berries, fruits and habitats for insects, butterflies, moths and small mammals.

The first hedge is on the lower meadows and has been planted to provide a new wildlife corridor from woodland on the upper slopes down to the trees bordering the river, particularly for bats. The new saplings have been interwoven with blackthorn cut back from the grassland area to protect them from damage and to provide instant cover for small mammals.

The second hedge has been planted on the top meadow, running along the existing woodland border from the top of the Giant Steps. This will provide a hedgerow margin between the grassland and the existing tree line. This will be a valuable habitat for birds and small mammals.

The third small hedge has been planted along the fence previously erected between the Ripon Panthers football pitches. Gaps have been filled in to create a continuous hedge line which will provide an improved habitat for insects, birds and small mammals.

FOHW look forward to nurturing these saplings and watching them grow.