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Trees on Hell Wath

10.03.2023 | Latest News

Hell Wath is home to a great many trees, a vital part of the natural environment. Climate change and disease pose challenges for our trees and work is underway to identify and protect the trees we have and find opportunities to plant and nurture new trees for the future.

The locations of our ancient, veteran and notable trees are being mapped and any work needed to protect and nurture these trees will be undertaken at future volunteer activity days, such as clearing space around their trunks to give them ‘room to breathe’.

Many of you will have noticed dead and dying trees around Hell Wath. Some of this is due to natural age and decay, some is due to disease, such as Ash Die Back. Trees will not be felled unless they pose a danger to property or people and will be left to rot in situ as dead wood is a great wildlife habitat.

We do want to maintain a good population of trees on site for the future. We are looking at a number of locations where new native trees may be planted. The Council and Skell Valley Project are currently drafting a plan, with input from interested FOHW members. This will set out the proposed planting areas, native tree species and the mix of whips, saplings and more mature plantings. This plan will be submitted for funding via the Council from a national grant.