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Wildflower Seed Planting

19.05.2023 | Latest News

FOHW are taking action to increase the diversity of wildflowers on Hell Wath meadows. Wildflower seeds were purchased earlier this year, paid for by Members Fees and Local Lottery winnings. These seeds have been germinated and grown on by volunteers and many have been planted out. Hopefully these will grow, flower this year and set seed, providing a sustainable source of new flowers for the future.

FOHW have also established 8 trial sites for increasing wildflowers. You may have noticed 4 pairs of 20m by 2m seed beds in the top meadows. These were dug over by the Army Foundation College earlier in May. One seed bed has been sown with wildflower seeds and one left to see if dormant wildflower seed will naturally develop from disturbed soil.

Our third initiative has been to seed some of the molehills. Moles provide fresh soil patches on the meadows which should provide good conditions for wildflower seeds to germinate and grow.

We will monitor all these initiatives over the summer to see which work best for increasing wildflower diversity on Hell Wath meadows. FOHW also hope to be chosen as a project site for the Woodmeadow Trust. This will give us access to knowledge, experience and funding to help us develop the Hell Wath meadows to provide a great wildlife habitat.